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"Home Chef" Submission Form
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活動內容 / Activity information
年齡不限 菜式不限 參加次數不限
Any Age, Any Dish, Unlimited Submission
Welcome to "Home Chef"
1.    如參加者為18歲 (或參加者所在司法轄區的法定成年年齡)以下,需由監護人提交此報名表格。監護人須填寫身份證件上之姓名及於表格中說明與參加者之關係。電視廣播有限公司(“TVB”) 保留權利要求監護人提供有關證明。
2. 所提交予TVB之影片,一律不予發還。
3. 參加者需保留影片原始檔案,以作下文第5條之用途。
4. 參加者是所提交影片之全權擁有者。
5. 被甄選之視頻,將有機會安排於TVB集團旗下各大電視及網絡平台(包括 big big channel、微博專頁、微信、今日頭條、YouTube頻道、Facebook專頁,以及 Instagram專頁)及其合作方於全球於任何時候以任何形式播放。TVB可對影片進行剪輯、修改及翻譯。
6. 參加者(及其監護人)保證所提交之影片皆屬參加者原創作品,並無任何抄襲或譭謗成份或侵犯他人智慧財產權、私隠權或其他權利。參加者(及其監護人)同意免除TVB集圑及其合作方因使用有關內容而承擔任何法律責任。
7. 參加者(及其監護人)所提供之個人資料、附檔或附件(包括其演出作品) ,可能為TVB保存及用作以下用途:
(I)   聯絡及核實其身份;
(II)  有關於該活動及含有本活動內容之節目宣傳、推廣及申請贊助本活動;
(III)  被用於製作及廣播有關節目,及提供予有關節目或獎品之贊助商作以上之用途。
8. 有關TVB處理參加者(及其監護人)個人資料之詳情,參加者(及其監護人)確認已參閱TVB集團之個人資料政策(。
9. 參加者(及其監護人)在此作出之聲明及保證屬真實及為事實之全部。
10. TVB保留一切有關安排之最終決定權並對本條款及細則擁有最終解釋權。
11. 本條款及細則受香港特別行政區的法例管轄及根據香港特別行政區的法例闡釋。香港特別行政區的法院對本服務條款的爭議有專屬司法管轄權,而TVB保留權利就參加者(及其監護人)在居住的國家/地區或任何其他相關國家/地區違反本條款及細則而提出法律程序。
      I, the “Participant”, (and my guardian (the “Guardian”)) agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:-
1.    If the Participant is below 18 years old (or below the age of legal majority at his/her jurisdiction), this form should be submitted by the Guardian. The Guardian shall fill in his/her name as shown on the identification document and state his/her relationship with the Participant in the form. Television broadcasts Limited (“TVB”) reserves the right to request the Guardian for supporting evidence.
2. Video footages submitted to TVB will not be returned.
3. The Participant should retain original file of the video footages for purposes under Clause 5 below.
4. The Participant is the absolute owner of all rights in and to the video footages submitted.
5. Video footages selected by TVB may be broadcasted on television channels and online platforms (including big big channel, TVB Anywhere, Sina Weibo, WeChat, Toutiao, YouTube channel, Facebook page, and Instagram) owned and/or operated by TVB group or their business partners’ at any time and in any manner on a worldwide basis. TVB is free to edit, modify and translate the video footages.
6. The Participant (and the Guardian) warrant(s) that the video footages submitted herein are original work of the Participant, and does not contain any materials that is plagiarizing, defamatory or infringes the intellectual property rights, privacy rights or other rights of a third party. The Participant and (the Guardian) hereby exempt TVB group and their business partners from all legal liabilities arising from the use of the video footages.
7. Personal information, attachments and files (including the video footages) provided by the Participant (and the Guardian) will be retained and used by TVB for the following purposes:
(I)   Communication and identify verification;
(II)  Promoting, advertising and recruiting sponsorship for this activity and programmes containing contents of this activity;
(III)  Production and broadcast of relevant programmes, and provide them to the sponsors of those programmes for the aforesaid purposes
8. The Participant (and the Guardian) hereby confirm(s) to have read the Privacy Policy of TVB group (, which sets out details on how TVB processes personal information collected.
9. The Participant (and the Guardian) declare(s) that all warranties and statements made herein are true and the complete truth.
10. TVB reserves the final determination in all relevant arrangements and its interpretation of these terms and conditions will be final.
11. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong. The Participant (and the Guardian) agree(s) to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Hong Kong in connection with any dispute that may arise in relation to these terms and conditions, and that TVB reserves the right to bring proceedings against the Participant (and the Guardian) for breach of these terms and conditions in his/her country of residence or any other relevant country or region.
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